Makaremtex Company is the largest non woven needle punch and spun bonded processing plant in Egypt and the Middle East.

Makaremtex Produces polypropylene and polyester staple fibers and needle-punched geotextiles. Utilizing the state-of-the-art technology and high flexibility with big production capacity, enabling us to cater to market requirements and develop innovative products. The staple fibers are used for geotextiles, industrial filter fabrics, carpets, floor coverings, fiberfill and construction fibers. The non-wovens are used as geotextiles in construction industry, automobile carpets and headliners, roofing felts, blankets, and insulation felts.

It is specialized in manufacturing non woven geotextiles and technical non wovens using the finest quality raw materials

Its products include finished rolled fabrics for different industries such as:

  • Geotextiles , Agro textiles , roofing , drainage , Reinforcing Fabrics , Civil engineering , Erosion protection , insulation , roads , railways.
  • Wadding for the garment industry.
  • Wadding for furniture industry, comforters, mattress fabrics, fiber-fill products.
  • Automotive industry, carpets.
  • Coating substrates, shoe component.
  • Filters

Quality Assurance :

Makaremtex Co. Production is ISO 9001: 2000 certified assuring the highest standard of quality for all products.

Our Vision

Become the world leader in technical nonwovens and performance-based industrial non woven solutions. Create superior value for our customers and partners through innovative and cost-efficient solutions, technological leadership and people excellence.