Road works 

Among other things, Makaremtex geotextiles are very suitable for road works.

Permanent roads
By separating the different layers of materials, Makaremtex geotextiles stabilize road constructions that are designed to resist dynamic and static stresses.4

Temporary roads

Makaremtex geotextiles placed below the top gravel layer increase the bearing capacity of the road to withstand continuous heavy traffic loads. No cars, tractors or other vehicles will become stuck in the gravel.


Parking areas 

Areas subject to considerable static loads require a stable bearing course. Makaremtex geotextiles provide this by separating the different layers of materials, which is essential to maintain the bearing capacity.

Road widening

Makaremtex geotextiles ensure separation and stability between subsoil and added road building materials.


Asphalt maintenance

Bitumen-saturated Makaremtex MT2 prevents surface water from penetrating the bearing course, preventing washing out of fines and reducing the occurrence of fissures and cracks considerably.



In constructions with heavy demands of the surface, Makaremtex geotextiles stabilize the foundations enabling them to withstand dynamic loads.



The rapidly increasing speed and weight of trains place heavy demands on the bearing course. Makaremtex geotextiles stabilize the foundation, enabling it to withstand dynamic loads.