Ground systems

Among other things, Makaremtex geotextiles are very suitable for ground systems.

Pipes and trenches

Placing a Makaremtex geotextile on the bottom of the trench increases the bearing capacity considerably.


Storage areas

Using Makaremtex geotextiles prevents mingling or loss of fines in the bearing courses as well as clogging of the drainage layer.1

Storage areas with MT2

Bitumen-saturated Makaremtex MT2 absorbs the stresses from cracks of joints in the old surface, preventing reflection through denisphalt composite wearing courses.


Sport grounds

Grass fields, cinders and gravel courts/grounds are stabilised with Makaremtex geotextiles due to the effective drainage, ensuring an even surface.



With Makaremtex geotextiles under the top layer, the slope will withstand subsoil water, rainwater and water from melted snow which would, otherwise, wash out the fines.