Geotextile Applications


Our fabrics are a substitute for a lot of applications such as:

  • Shorelines
  • Water canals.
  • Coastline protection.
  • Bridges.
  • Embankments.


MAKAREMTEX GEOTEXTILE provide separation, stabilization and filtration between the subgrade soil and the rip-rap, gabions or pre-cast blocks to prevent piping and erosion of fine soil particles while allowing the free passage of water. MAKAREMTEX GEOTEXTILE is used to prevent soil erosion beneath the structure. The geotextile layer serves a dual purpose in this situation: it must be fine enough to hold the bank soil while also being permeable enough to prevent the maximum differential pressure between the bank and the water levels.


Our fabrics provide more advantages compared with ordinary methods such as:

  • Non-woven fiber structure perfectly counter erosion of subgrade soil
  • Compact and continuous filter
  • Equally good drainage characteristics
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Durable and strong structure
  • Customized and better quality construction