Geotextile Applications


Our non-woven polyester fibres used for gardening and landscaping applications.

  • The material is perforated so light, air, and water can pass through the soil and prevent trapping moisture. This fabric is applied in the garden or yard primarily for weed control. However, it’s also used to avoid soil erosion, improve the look of the outdoor space, and define specific yard areas.


Our fabrics provide some advantages to Landscaping systems as such as:

  • The geotextile landscape fabric is perfect for the most demanding weed control situations. This product has great durability and water drainage. Designed for improved water flow and drainage the geotextile landscape is the ideal ground cover solution for weed control.
  • The dual-sided geotextile when faced woven side up offers markings to help landscapers with plant placement. The markings indicate the interval spacings for plants and help keep planting rows straight on larger projects. This fabric is popular for both residential planting beds and commercial applications alike.